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Every hire at a startup is critical -- here's how we do it

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The briefing

Before we agree to a collaboration, it’s essential to have confidence the search is possible. We will only take on assignments we feel can be a success.  We’re looking to work with startups who consider recruitment to be one of the top priorities within the company and are willing to invest the time and resources required.


A complete understanding of the company, the organization, the role in question and perhaps most importantly the culture is necessary in order to perform the search. The ability to attract exceptional candidates is the goal at this point.  Attraction is achieved by constructing messaging which speaks to the candidate.


The briefing is complete when both parties feel strongly about the direction of the search, agreement on expectations and a solid line of communications.

The search

We’re using a vast network we’ve built up over the past 20 years across Europe and North America. This network allows us to connect with just about anyone of interest. With our experience and credibility on the market, we have a very high rate of response.


Instead of the typical short list an executive search firm will offer after 4-6 weeks of research, we conduct an iterative search which works very well for our startup clients.  Within a 2-week period, we typically can present 2-3 candidates who meet the initial recruitment criteria.  This step is key to the search as it allows us quickly to get feedback on the candidates we are targeting and recalibrate the search if needed.

The relationships

Recruitment works best with great relationships – both on the client side and the candidate side.  If the client is completely dedicated to the search, the results will increase significantly.  While we will accompany our candidates through every step of the process, we want our clients to be similarly engaged as well. 


We will work from the beginning with each candidate to not only evaluate their fit with the company but to understand their key drivers and motivations which is essential to eventually closing the selected candidate.


We expect a close relationship with our clients. In order to provide an excellent candidate experience, the clients will need to be responsive in providing feedback and open to working very closely with us to craft a successful recruitment process.

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