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Building best in class recruitment programs.

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Outsourcing recruitment isn’t an option for startups.  It’s too expensive, it’s not suited to your particular needs and there are more modern and effective ways to recruit.

At Talent Fountain, we have designed a service that allows startups to get a recruitment function up and running without using external recruiters or agencies.  Imagine this, you’ve raised a Series A and you need to recruit 5-10 developers asap!  You don’t need a recruiter, what you need is someone to guide you through the steps of setting up a process which will allow you to recruit the best candidates – yourselves!


The messaging

We will help you craft a message which will get candidates to respond to your emails – after all, what you need is to get candidates engaged, interested and excited about the potential of working with you to build the next great thing.


The channels

We will recommend the best channels where you will be able to create your own inbound pipeline of qualified candidates. By using some of the most results oriented platforms and marketplaces, we will be able to create a continuous flow of candidates.


The process

We will define together a recruitment process that allows for two results. First, you will offer an excellent candidate experience so every candidate involved in your process thinks positively of your company, regardless of whether or not they are hired.  Second, you will have an evaluation process where your confidence in hiring the right candidate will be significantly increased.


Focusing together on these three areas, working closely with your employees, we will build a recruitment function that will be the envy of your peers and admired by candidates.

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