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Introducing Talent Fountain

Talent Fountain is an executive search, tech recruitment and talent management consulting firm for early-stage startups.

Working in partnership with select Venture Capital firms, accelerators and incubators, Talent Fountain works side by side with startup founders on talent acquisition for their most critical roles.

Not your everyday executive search



A different kind of outsourcing


Workshops, Training, and Speaking


There is one thing technology won’t replace - a powerful network.

The Talent Fountain team has been cultivating a finely-tuned network of thousands of professionals who have the potential to be the next star in your startup. Thanks to our extensive global reach across a broad variety of business sectors, we have a unique ability to provide talent few other firms can deliver.

Startup meeting
In all areas of our business, Talent Fountain focuses on the culture of your startup as a starting block.

Defining, understanding and messaging your culture is the key to attracting and retaining the best talent on the market. Startups committed to hiring the greatest people know the right candidates must fit within the culture to have a real impact on the future success of the business.

Gelato Logo

"The team at Talent Fountain has surpassed our expectations over the past three years we have been collaborating.

Hiring for some of the most critical roles at Gelato, including our CCO and CTO, we strongly recommend Talent Fountain to other high growth companies looking for a very strategic partner for their most important hiring needs."

Henrik Müller-Hansen

Founder and CEO

David Bizer

David Bizer is the Founder and CEO of Talent Fountain. David’s experience originates at the very epicenter of web technology, starting his career at Netscape working with Marc Andreessen and the team which essentially launched the internet to the masses.


David was the first recruiter at Google in Europe, building out the organization from 100 to over 5000 employees in 7 years. Since 2010, David has collaborated with over 60 emerging startups throughout Europe to scale their human capital.

Aneta Daniszewska

Aneta Daniszewska started off in recruitment back in 2012, having worked at Korn/Ferry Futurestep on an RPO project for Apple Retail, focused on attracting and acquiring exceptional talent for specialist, managerial and leadership positions in Apple Stores across EMEA. 


She relocated to London where she further specialised in technical recruitment in a recruitment consultancy firm with focus on the DACH region as well as gained corporate recruitment experience on a project assignment for Vodafone.


Aneta has been consulting tech startups across Europe since 2014, specialising in strategic senior-level searches for both commercial and technical roles.


Polish-native, fluent in English and German with a profound network in the startup talent community.

Ann Onyszko

Hi, I'm Anna and I'm a Tech Recruiter here @ Talent Fountain. 

Professionally, I "grew up" working for Microsoft, where I recruited for the MS Services' Teams across EMEA. Yet even before I started my recruitment career, I cherished a dream of having my own organic/ethical clothing brand one day. This came true in 2015, when I started hi.sun - a yogawear brand, which was a great venue for creative expression of my passion for yoga and organic.

Even though my dream didn't turn into profitable business, the experience of having own start-up helped me understand and appreciate the other side of the spectrum. Now I can combine the best of the two worlds - corporate & startup - and can make great use of this knowledge as a Technology Recruiter. 

Technology is in such an exciting and important moment right now - as it is impacting humanity more than ever. There are so many amazing ideas and great, young companies around and I'm proud to be working with one of them - Cliqz (you have to check it if you care about your internet privacy!).  

I also love looking at startups through anthropology/ethnography lenses. Organizational cultures are as fascinating as seeing the impact of technology on humanity - both are definitely the topics of the future. 

Since being a recruiter gives me freedom to work from anywhere in the world - I try to travel as much as I can. I also love to be close to nature, especially in the summer, when I tend to escape my beloved Warsaw to one of the most beautiful regions in Poland, another beloved place of mine - Wlodawa County.

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